The bulk diesel delivery service addresses the companies which use fuel in their current activity and don't always have the possibility to fuel in stations. The delivery is done at the place of consumption, by using our own fleet of tanker trailers.

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Bearing in mind the specific of different economic activities, in which the fuel consumption takes place in the clients' working place, Smart Diesel meets the specific needs of those by a bulk diesel delivery service straight at the consumption place. The delivery is done with our own Smart Diesel. fleet of tanker trailers These tanks are equipped with modern measuring systems which allow unloading at high altitude in surface area tanks or which are to be found at a certain distance.

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In agriculture the bulk diesel is indispensable. The agricultural clients who use the bulk diesel delivery system enjoy the advantage of comfort in fuelling, prompt delivery and special prices for bulk diesel which we offer. Due to the professionalism that we have displayed in the services we offer, we take pride today in the fact that Petrom-OMV has chosen us as partners for agriculture in western Romania.

SD_vrac_constructionThe building site represents an important place for fuel consumption. The journey to the fuelling stations can endanger the activity and generate costs. The bulk diesel system from SD is the ideal choice.

transport-and-logisticaWhere the transport and logistics activity is intense (and not only), the inside tanks and the acquisition of diesel in bulk system, can raise the flexibility and competitiveness of business.

In this domain, the consumption of fuel is more than necessary. That is why, the bulk diesel delivery service offered by Smart Diesel represents the perfect solution for the clients from the forestry industry, bringing them advantages both as regards the delivery of diesel, and the price.

The bulk diesel delivery service in the working space of the clients

This facility from Smart Diesel addresses our clients, owners of  Diesel Card  and External Diesel card from Smart Diesel.
The diesel delivery Smart Diesel Bulk is done following a pre-set calendar agenda or at the specified request of the client. We kindly ask you to address these issues directly to our Smart Diesel consultants to find out all the technical data that ensure the delivery of bulk diesel in the most optimum conditions.

Mobile tanks from Smart Diesel

sdSmart Diesel offers you mobile tanks of different capacities for the consumption place desired from you. The SD mobile tanks are of superior quality and represent the comfortable and fast solution to turn to the bulk fuelling system or to change the old reservoirs that you own.

Our own tanker trailers at Smart Diesel

Our own tanker trailers Smart Diesel are equipped with a measuring and delivery system for the bulk fuel. Smart Diesel Bulk is a flexible service which delivers bulk diesel depending on the operational needs of our clients. Please contact our consultants at the following phone numbers 03747.204.625/ 0374.204.632, who can give you further details about the advantageous passage to a bulk diesel fuelling system.

Contact now Smart Diesel SRL at no. 0374.204.625 / 0374.204.632 and order Smart Diesel fuel cards. Save up by using fuel card, diesel card and external diesel card, offered by Smart Diesel SRL. Smart Diesel SRL offers competitive fuel prices.