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iconA rapid VAT and excise duty reclamation

The VAT and duty excise reclamation service, offered by Smart Diesel, comes in completion of the needs of transporters for a full service. This service addresses all transporters from Romania who operate at European level. By using this service you will benefit from the reclamation of VAT for Diesel, as well as for road taxes.

The diesel VAT reclamation service is available in three options:

– Standard diesel VAT reclamation  at the factual VAT reimbursement moment from the fiscal authorities.
The payment to your company will be made at the moment in which the countries where the VAT was requested, make the VAT reimbursement. The middle reimbursement terms are between 4 and 9 months from the date of filing the application. Do you want your money back immediately? Call the VAT Express service from Smart Diesel!
-Anticipated diesel VAT reclamation  by VAT financing after the filing VAT application: quarterly or annually.
Smart Diesel offers anticipated VAT reimbursement. You receive the money with the next emitted Smart Diesel invoice.
– Express diesel VAT reclamation  with the next invoice, by financing the VAT due at the previous invoice and only for Smart Diesel invoices.
Smart Diesel offers anticipated VAT reimbursement. You receive the money with the next emitted Smart Diesel invoice.

Diesel VAT reclamation

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The majority of transport companies which are at the very beginning of their activity or have only a small number of cars encounter problems with compiling the necessary documentation for VAT and excise duty reclamation. This leads to payments of at least 20% as compared to those who succeed in reclaiming the VAT for fuel, respectively the road, bridges and tunnels taxes.
That is why, Smart Diesel offers consultancy and support, so that these complicated and complex endeavors become simpler and simpler. For instance, for 1000 lit. fuelled in Belgium, you can reclaim VAT and excise duty of 300 EUR.

Diesel excise duty reclamation

Smart Diesel offers Diesel excise duty reclamation. The partial excise duty reclamation for diesel is possible in the following countries: Belgium, Slovenia, France, Hungary and Spain. The Diesel excise duty reclamation is only possible on the basis of fiscal invoice. The diesel vouchers are not accepted!
The value of the reimbursed excise differs based on the country as well as period of time.

Who can collect diesel VAT?

Any transport company from Romania, which operates at a European level, can ask for the reimbursement of paid diesel VAT for expenses done with fuel, respectively road, bridges and tunnels taxes. These expenses are considered consumption on the territory of the respective country and require administrative steps to be taken for reimbursement, these not being subjected to opposite taxation (invoicing without VAT). We will do that work for you. With us, Diesel VAT reclamation becomes much simpler!
Smart Diesel will simplify the formalities, offering support from the first contact till you cash your money. All administrative problems and the filing of applications for VAT reimbursement are dealt with by the Diesel Excise Duty Reclamation department of Smart Diesel.

How to proceed with the external VAT reclamation?

To ensure the VAT reimbursement for fuel, a fiscal invoice is needed which should contain the identification data for your company. There are also countries which accept the VAT reclamation on the basis of fiscal receipts in original copy, but only if the values on the receipt do not exceed a certain value, but using the Smart Diesel card all these restrictions vanish. Beside this, there are countries which refuse the VAT reimbursement for diesel in the case of the presentation of fiscal receipts only.
Smart Diesel will emit a fiscal invoice for all the fuelling done using the diesel card issued by Smart Diesel. If you also opt for external diesel VAT reclamation, then the original invoices will be kept for the reclamation, and you receive the second copy of the invoice.

Contact now Smart Diesel SRL at no. 0374.204.625 / 0374.204.632 and order Smart Diesel fuel cards. Save up by using fuel card, diesel card and external diesel card, offered by Smart Diesel SRL. Smart Diesel SRL offers competitive fuel prices.