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A European fuel station

We are exactly where you need!

The fuelling can be done both in RomaniaAustriaSloveniaBelgiumSpainFranceGermanyCzech RepublicHungary and Luxembourg. Smart Diesel offers you internal diesel card, external diesel card and a large number of diesel fuel sites. Other countries are to be added to  Smart Diesel site, therefore, at the end of the year we want to cover 90% of your fuelling needs.

Smart Diesel stations are placed on the most transit routes, having easy access for heavy vehicles.

Last generation fuel stations

Smart Diesel stations are provided with the latest generation Tokheim fuel dispensers, with a power delivery of approximately 130 litres/minute, specialized for trucks fuelling. They are exclusively  dedicated to large vehicles, so they reduce considerably both the time of the fuel process and the costs.

Using a proper fuel and distribution process, Smart Diesel manages to offer a competitive price to fuel by using fuel card, without compromising the fuel quality or the services offered to our customers.

External diesel card for fuelling anywhere in Europe

Smart Diesel card users have the opportunity to use our fuel cards on the main European transport routes from the various transit European countries. Please contact Smart Diesel for more information about the external diesel fuel cards and from Smart Diesel.


Fuelling Safety

Strategically positioned, Smart Diesel stations offer a high level of safety. All the stations are provided with video cameras, so the entire fuelling process is video monitored, and the recordings can be presented to our clients on demand. Use with confidence the fuel cards from Smart Diesel.